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Festivals & Events
Celebrate with us!

If you study a lot, you should also celebrate! All DSL families, neighbours and friends are cordially invited to our traditional celebrations. German customs are very important at Oktoberfest. The Christmas market, spring and summer festivals reflect the international composition of our school community. What they all have in common is a happy atmosphere. Come by and get to know us!


Christmas bazaar

Summer Fest

The DSL - a cultural hub and an event location

What do Daniel Kehlmann, Judith Kerr, Emma Thompson and Axel Scheffler have in common? All of them have given us the pleasure of visiting the DSL - or are even regular guests! It is important to us to give our students inspiring encounters with cultural figures, contemporary witnesses, historians and other public figures. These events are also addressed to the extended school community and, if possible, other visitors. Our students regularly organize events on their own responsibility, such as the annual charity dinner of the DSLaktiv group. You are warmly invited to take part in such an evening!

We look forward to seeing you!

Daniel Kehlmann

Emma Thompson & Axel Scheffler 2022

Judith Kerr

Would you like to know more?

How do I find out about events at the DSL?

Please check our homepage regularly, we advertise events there.

We don't have any children at the DSL. Can we still attend events?

Many of our events are also open to visitors who do not have children at the school.

In which language are events at the DSL held?

This varies. If events are exclusively in German, we will point this out in the announcement.

Can we come to an event by car?

Please note that we cannot provide parking on the school grounds during events.