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All members of our community are invited to get involved and shape the school!

This can be done by helping with excursions or with the annual advent wreath-making, organised by the Friends of Douglas House. However, parents and guardians can also decide to actively shape the school and take over responsibility for example as a parent representative, as a member of the German School Association's Board, or by standing for election for the school conference. You are warmly invited to get involved in any way that suits you. Welcome to our community.


What is it about?

What is the goal of the participation model?

We want to achieve greater sustainability through greater participation. This is intended to prevent “lonely” decisions whose relevance is difficult to convey.

What structure is the participation model based on?
How does the model work?

All members of the school community can submit applications for school development projects, which will be reviewed by a regulatory body (Steuergruppe) to determine whether they correspond to our mission statement and do not violate regulations or laws. The remaining project applications will be forwarded to the school conference for election. At the end of a school year, the school conference decides on the school development projects for the following year and selects up to two, in exceptional cases three applications per department - children's home, primary school, secondary school - which then become orders for school development projects.

And how are the committees composed?

Student initiatives

What are the students involved in?

Class representative

Each class elects two class representatives to represent their interests. Primary school class representatives meet regularly with the primary school management to exchange information. Secondary school class representatives are called to meetings by the student representatives.

Student representation (SV)

The secondary school elects 10 student representatives every year, who in turn elect two school representatives from their ranks. The SV is supervised by two trusted teachers elected by the student body. The SV organizes sports festivals, discos and other events for the student body. They mediate conflicts and represents the interests of the students to the school management and teachers. The SV takes part in the open parts of meetings consisting of the parents council, the school association board and the Friends of Douglas House.


This is about environmental protection and making the DSL more sustainable.


The aim of this initiative is to raise money for good causes, to get fellow students involved and to raise awareness that not everyone is as privileged as we are.


You can read our online school newspaper at this link: DSLTimes

Parent initiatives & committees

Parents are actively involved in the DSL.

Class parent representative

The parent representatives are elected at the first class parents' evening of the school year. They support class teachers in organizational matters and form the parents' council.

Parents' Council Board

The parent council chairs the class parent representatives and represents the interests of parents towards the school management, teaching staff and school management. They participate in the open portion of school club meetings and Friends of Douglas House meetings.

The Friends of Douglas House

The school's support association supports the school financially and makes a substantial contribution to the good coexistence at the school through its festivals.


EMBRACE is a parents' initiative that advocates for children with special educational needs and wants to support the DSL in implementing a culture of inclusion and diversity.


PARC was founded by a group of parents who wanted to create awareness of and celebrate the ethnic and cultural diversity of the DSL community. Our goal is to work with the school to fulfill its mission of "building bridges between diverse cultures within our community and beyond."

Is the DSL evaluated by OFSTED?

Yes. The last OFSTED Inspection took place from 24. - 26.05.2022. We are pleased to have received the highest mark "Outstanding" for 4 of the 6 sections that were evaluated.

Report OFSTED Inspection 24. - 26.05.2022