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Afternoon programme (Ganztag and AGs)

We promote shared experiences even outside of the curriculum. A balanced, professionally run afternoon programme broadens the participants' horizons , offers balance to the school syllabus and allows families to leave their children in the care of the school even after lessons.

“Three days a week I pick Sebastian up at 3:55 p.m. He then ate lunch, did his homework, took part in the programming group and let off steam in the soccer group. He is happy and I can work without having to arrange additional childcare. We really appreciate the whole day!”

A.K., mother of a 4th grader

Team sports bring people together

A popular club: the instrument carousel

In free play

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Afternoon in the Kinderhaus

The Kinderhaus offers afternoon care with lunch. You can choose between three pickup times:

1:30 p.m.

3:45 p.m.

4:45 p.m

Afternoon programme (years 1 - 7)

We offer an open afternoon programme, which provides our students with a comprehensive range of options:

  • Cafeteria and supervision of students during their lunch break

  • Learning time in fixed groups

  • Working groups (from the areas of sports, creativity, natural sciences, technology)

  • Free play in fixed groups (only years 1 - 4)

  • Private music lessons by arrangement

This means that students who do not have school lessons in the afternoon can put together their own individual programme from the various offerings.

Clubs from year 8

We offer clubs in the areas of sports, creativity, school life, media, technology, natural sciences and many more. Here students can pursue individual interests and discover new skills.

Example chart of Clubs

“After lessons, I stay at school with friends. We have a lot of fun there. Everyone speaks the language they want - we always understand each other!”

Patrick, Pupil