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Our school

The DSL is part of the network of German schools abroad and as such is funded by the German Central Agency for Schools Abroad. Since its opening in September 1971, students learn successfully on the basis of the German curriculum, which has since been expanded to include the IB curriculum and components from the English system. 

The school consists of the Kinderhaus made up of the Kindergarten and Pre-School, the Primary School and the Secondary School. The heads of the respective departments with the addition of our commercial director form the senior school leadership team. The DSL is run by the German School Association. In line with our participation model, the school management, the board of the school association, the parent council and the student representatives work together closely and trustingly.  

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Our mission statement

Our mission statement is a guiding hand for all our common daily interactions. All children and young people at the Deutsche Schule London develop as independent personalities throughout their school years so that they can responsibly shape the future of our world. As per our mission statement, at the DSL, we are committed to:

Teachers and parents work together to inspire students to discover and develop their personal strengths. We educate pupils to think and interact democratically and with tolerance, instilling in them the core values of our community –an open mind and a sense of personal responsibility and commitment.

We equip our students with the academic methodologies and social skills needed to learn and think independently and to confidently analyse and question existing paradigms and value systems. We guide pupils to make effective and critical use of contemporary media and online information.  Mistakes are understood to be a vital part of the learning process, a chance to improve and achieve greater success. 

We consider ourselves to be an open-minded school community.  Our collaborations reflect mutual respect and trust.  We strive to create an educational environment in which each person can participate actively and find room for personal initiative. We embrace diversity as a source of enrichment and opportunity.  

Our sense of shared identity is enhanced through a wide range of cultural and sports activities. We help each other to achieve common goals within a framework of clear and consistent rules. 

As an accredited German school abroad we offer a broad, demanding curriculum, based on recognised German and international educational standards.  Our older students attain qualifications which correspond to those granted by schools in Germany and are provided with practical advice about possible academic and professional career paths. 

At all levels of our school, children and teenagers are challenged and supported according to their individual abilities and needs. The German School London actively adapts to a fast-changing world, designing flexible educational programmes that will best prepare students for their future lives.

We aim to build bridges between diverse cultures within our school and beyond it. We facilitate close relations with local partner schools and regional organisations. 

Our bilingual language programme allows all our pupils to broaden their linguistic foundations in German and English and benefit from fluency in both languages. 

DSL People

Our senior leadership team

Teamwork is very important to us. All departments of the school work together closely.

The school's governing body

The German School Association is the responsible body of the DSL.  
All families are invited to join. 


170 employees are dedicated to looking after our 890 students and their families.

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This is also important to us:

We work together

At the German School London (DSL), teachers and parents work together to support our children and pupils in developing their individual strengths and developing them in a self-determined way. We see ourselves as an open, learning organization in which all participants, students, parents and colleagues work trustfully and transparently together . This is one of our core guidelines

We are a cosmopolitan community

With just under 900 children and young people from over 30 nations, we are an international, cosmopolitan community that embraces diversity and the respectful exchange of ideas. We strive to prepare our pupils for their lives in global contexts and local responsibility in the best possible way, while promoting their independence. 

We prepare you for recognized qualifications

Students complete the DSL with the German International Abitur (DIA). Optionally, they can choose IB courses or the full International Baccalaureate (IB). The DIA is an internationally recognized qualification that offers students of all nationalities and backgrounds an academically challenging and culturally rich multilingual education and opens doors to the best colleges and universities all over the world. Since 2023/24, we also offer the digital Fachhochschulreife – (technical university entrance qualification) (dFOS). 

We are part of a global network

As part of the worldwide network of around 140 German schools abroad, DSL offers our students a diverse, bilingual and challenging educational program from kindergarten to grade 12. 

And what do the experts say?

"The idyllic location of the school, surrounded by nature and with direct access to the cultural offerings of the cosmopolitan city of London, is something very special." 

Maria B., Mutter

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